The Sun Shadow Collective is whatever YOU need it to be.

SSC was created to start a community of those who feel both the sunshine and the shadows in their life and want to express what it feels like. While we all have different life experiences, life itself is made up of the yin and yang of light and dark, happy and sad, joyful and depressed, as well as the gray area in between of feeling nothing at all or everything at once – the shadows of reality. Many people choose to hide their shadows, but this collective is meant to embrace both the light and the dark.

I am Sarah, sometimes known as Rah.

I am the creator of the Sun Shadow Collective.

My goal for this community is to give a outlet for those who want to share their stories through written word, art, photography or whatever moves you. To shine light on the shadows of our realities and realize that young or old, the one thing we have in common is that we all struggle to find things or people that make us happy. And while happiness is not necessarily the answer or the end goal, we can start embracing our shadows like we do our light and realize that we share a common thread – that we do not have to grieve our individual pain on our own, because we’re all feeling the same heaviness in life and it’s important to share it with others.

Community not Competition.

I knew a life before internet and social media. The online life we all know now is having a serious impact on the individual’s mental and emotional health. I have struggled with this, and it can be incredibly lonely. But I have also struggled with this before life became so digital, so I understand the importance of embracing your interests and hobbies outside of a computer or phone. I don’t always excel at this and find myself on my phone, but it’s when I feel I can actually connect with others and fuel my creative energy that I find myself in a better place. The same goes for embracing my alone time and not punishing myself for feeling useless or not being proactive.

There’s a time for sunshine and a time for darkness.

Whichever side you’re currently on, know that the Sun Shadow Collective is a place for you to come and go as you please.

Your involvement is up to you – all are welcome! Please visit the Soul Contributors page to find out how you can become a part of the Sun Shadow Collective.