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Meet Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, the Creator and Founder of the Sun Shadow Collective. I am a Facility Manager by day, but truly identify with my creative side – a Photographer and Writer – which I do during any spare time I have. My vision for Sun Shadow has been brewing for years, although it never had a name until now. Certain people, connections and patterns have all led up to this creation of this space – a truly collaborative effort and inspired by many Soul Contributors that I hope to spotlight here eventually. I will be the main voice and photographer of this blog, but cannot wait to connect and share the work and words of others!

Sarah’s Soul Profile

Name / Location: Sarah Laue (aka Rah), Orange County, California

What inspired you to create SSC? 
You can learn more about how the Sun Shadow collective came to be here and its intention here.

What inspired you to create Soul Contributors?
The SSC is about humans as individuals, down to their very core. Gender is irrelevant. The sun and shadows are what make up your soul and is what inspires us to connect and create. In order for SSC to thrive, it needs Soul Contributors of all kinds.

How do you maintain the balance of light and shadow in your life? 
I don’t always maintain it very well. I sometimes hide within certain vices, but overall I tend to use solitude, exercise, music and writing to help balance out my negative and positive thoughts. This last year I’ve learned to open up and be more vulnerable, which I learned is a key to connection with others and insight into who I am as a person.

Who inspires you right now? 
The #shadowwork community and those I personally know who are fighting with immense shadows right now while handling it with strength and grace.

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Meet Casey

Hi there! I’m Casey, Sarah’s cousin and a Soul Contributors to the Sun Shadow Collective from time to time. By day I’m a Virtual Assistant in the tourism industry. In my free time I am a writer, musician and artist. Creating art and stories is how I process life. At my core I am a healer and an Empath. You’ll see my poems, art and blog posts here as well as images from Sarah and my photo shoots. To learn more about our collaborations and cousin connection check out our Brief History.

Casey’s Soul Profile

Name / Location: Casey Carroll, Los Angeles, California

What brought you to SSC? Sarah invited me to be a part of the Sun Shadow Collective after the idea was inspired in her during our photo shoots and deep conversations.

What made you want to be a Soul Contributor? First of all, I love that it’s “Soul” Contributor. That alone made me want to get involved. Second, I admire Sarah’s initiative to take her idea to the next level. She is so passionate, creative and kind. It is an honor to be a part of the Sun Shadow Collective. Third, I use creativity as a way to express the millions of feelings that come up for me every day and I’m excited to join other Soul Contributors who use creativity in a similar way.

How do you maintain the balance of light and shadow in your life? Ultimately, I try to feel it all. To process what I experience I journal, draw, take daily walks, seek out authentic conversations, sing, dance it out and spend a lot of time alone.

Who inspires you right now? The author Elizabeth Gilbert. She is fully herself in every moment and unafraid to dive into her light and shadow. I also love how she promotes approaching life with curiosity.

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Want to be a
Soul Contributor?

Please reach out! The Sun Shadow Collective is meant to be just that – a collective of individuals who want to express themselves and be vulnerable about the parts that maybe you’ve hidden from the world… until now. Let the SSC help you connect with others, push past society’s expectations and find support for being who you are, dark parts and all.

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