Sun & Shadows – The Intent

It is the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun fails.

A Romain Rolland quote from Jean-Christophe

I created The Sun Shadow Collective with the intention of having an open and vulnerable space to share myself as an artist, writer, photographer and human being. It is also meant to be a collective community of shared stories and art of those who inspire me. It is also something that is going to keep evolving… as things rarely stay the same.

While the quote above states ‘it’s the artist’s business to create sunshine’, I also believe it’s the artist’s business to unveil our inner darkness. The sunshine does not come without shadows. Human beings do not live with just happiness. The yin and yang of life itself is that we do not only get one side, there is always a balance of both the light and the darkness that we have to learn how to embrace, understand and live with.

How deep we go is a personal choice. I tend to go deep.

So when the sunshine in your life fails, come here.

Open up and let go. Connect with others in the Sun Shadow Collective who share your experiences and create art to express yourself and expose the dark shadows that may have a hold on you. Remember that vulnerability is not a bad thing, and no one should expect you to fake sunshine. This is a place to be accepted fully. Come as you are.


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