Home Away From Home

Hi! I’m Sarah’s cousin Casey and this is my first post. I couldn’t be more excited to be a Soul Contributor for the Sun Shadow Collective!

When Sarah explains our relationship in A Brief History she’s not kidding when she says “Casey and I would not be at this point if it weren’t for some divine universal intervention just pushing us closer and closer together.”

In all reality, I shouldn’t be living in LA right now. I should be married to my ex-husband living happily ever after in the town I lived in over the last decade – Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But, that’s not how my story ends. Instead, I’m living in Los Angeles two years after a divorce, getting reacquainted with myself, expanding at the beach and in the mountains, and gratefully reconnecting with Sarah and the Carroll side of my family – my dad’s side.

I grew up on the east coast with my mom’s side of the family – the Foley’s. My dad’s side of the family was always a mystery to me. When I was in middle school I traveled out west to see the Carroll’s in Washington state. I wouldn’t visit again until I was 27. It wasn’t until I was 39 that I moved to LA and got the chance to reconnect with Sarah. As a kid I was told that I had a lot of Carroll in me and that I reminded my parents of my Aunt Cindy, Sarah’s mom. I didn’t know Cindy well, but what I heard was that she was wild at heart and her own woman. I was okay with that! 

As it turns out, not only are my Aunt Cindy and I alike, but Sarah and I are too. We are both Empaths with a deep affection for the arts as a way to express ourselves. When we get together for photo shoots something magical happens. We start with a location and/or an outfit and it all happens from there. Sarah has an eye for photography that inspires me every day and the way she edits her photos to tell even more of the story through layering and color amazes me. 

When we’re not creating art, we’re talking about everything from the state of the outside world to the state of our inside worlds. We are both the type of people who experience life rather than just go through the motions.

We couldn’t live that way if we tried. And believe me, we have.

There are so many people out there like us that we are excited to meet here. People who embrace the full experience of life whether it’s scary to or not. The Sun Shadow Collective is just the beginning of something really special for a lot of creative souls.

If you would like to join The Sun Shadow Collective as a Soul Contributor please email Sarah at SunShadowCollective@gmail.com. If contributing isn’t your thing then we’re glad you’re here to enjoy our stories and art.

All are welcome. ❤


  1. Kate Boyle

    Hi Casey, I love your writing and the photos. I miss your music and am so glad we met during my time in Jackson.
    I’m trying to put myself into some corners about writing, I’ve been working on some content for my true day job business side but there’s my real Kate side too. Those two sides are taking some time talking to each other as well right now! Maybe I can contribute to Sun Shadow but I know I want to read it.
    Love, Kate

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    1. The Sun Shadow Collective

      Thank you so much, Kate! I’m glad we met in JH too. At that exact time, I was learning to connect the linear side of my brain to the creative side. When it happened it was blissful. I’m so excited for you! And we would love to talk to you more about being a Soul Contributor. I’ll DM you. In the meantime, thank you for reading!


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