Leopard Obsessed

I woke up from a deep sleep recently hearing the words “Leopard Bomber Jacket” in my head. Humoring myself, I did an online search for those exact words. Turns out, leopard is all the rage right now, so the jacket you see here wasn’t very hard to find.

Soon after hearing those words, Sarah and I were scheduled to do a photo shoot. When I looked through my closet for fun things to wear, I immediately grabbed the jacket. Scanning for shoes to bring I glanced over at a pair of leopard print sneakers. It was then that I realized I had leopard print shorts, a leopard print scarf, purse, wallet, bracelet, and make-up bag. I know. It’s officially an obsession.

As I drenched myself in leopard, I felt a sense of ease and confidence. Almost like the jacket was the cape to my emerging superhero. I imagine this is what it feels like to discover an alter ego. Mine feels like a mix of Morticia Addams and Peg Bundy.

What I saw in the mirror was playful, sexy, glamorous, absurd, a little dark and a LOT weird. I felt excited, but also shy and embarrassed. Vulnerable. Weird. Was this a fun idea or was I being toooooo weird? Turns out, Sarah was not only excited about my leopard obsession, but she was creatively inspired by the whole dark and sexy mood I was in.

My shadow has loomed the darkest around the fear of being weird. Of being rejected by the people I admire if I show them who I truly am. As I age, I’m learning to celebrate my uniqueness while allowing it to light the way to people, places and things that resonate with my soul. It’s a process though. There are parts of me where I let my freak flag fly, but others that stay hidden.

For one, hearing those words in my head when I woke up isn’t the first time I’ve heard spontaneous words that seemed to deliver a message. Not that the leopard bomber jacket was a spiritual message, but it certainly feels meant to be. Over the last decade I have come to know myself as clairaudient. I’ll pick up here for my next blog. If I should be so brave.

Until then, I wonder if there is something in your closet that represents a part of you that you aren’t ready to show the world. What would it take for you to slip it on and walk outside?

Oh, and allow me to introduce you to Dotty. She is a two year old rescue from the streets of Anaheim who has stolen my heart. Thank you to Dotty’s mom and dad for letting her be a part of this shoot. As you can see, the camera loves her!


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