Five Things Friday

Keepin’ things light and fun on a Friday!

#1 – Scorpio Season began on October 23rd – did you feel it?
As much as I have been learning about Astrology and Horoscopes this year, for some reason I did not see this one coming. I have always known that for myself, I need to be aware of those with the Scorpio sun sign. I seem to clash with this sign and from my experience, Scorpios can be conniving and sneaky – even if they don’t mean to be. On the night of October 22nd I was already feeling the Scorpio sting – started real slow, almost not piercing the skin, but then – it pierces through and unleashes a BEAST within me. I felt angry and annoyed and upset. And it showed. High highs and low lows. I’m ready for my high HIGH and will continue to embrace my shadow self. Are you one of the signs that will totally vibe with Scorpio season?

#2 – Have you heard about ZaZa yet?!

#3 – What’s your favorite scary movie?

I’m a sucker for this one (and for Matthew Lillard, if I’m being honest).
Do you know what movie this is? I have so many favorites!

#4 – Are you a writer?

The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Writing Forever.

#5 – Have you read our latest post yet?
The Power of Personal Perspective

I recently altered my social media and stopped following people that weren’t doing me any good. I then started finding and following more body positive people and it has done wonders for my self image. As it often goes, finding others who are being vulnerable about themselves and sharing it with others is such a great way to really connect with others. This is why the Sun Shadow Collective exists!

Check out a couple of new accounts I’m now a fan of:

@officeladiespod a new podcast about The Office with Pam & Angela!
@tesshollidaygorgeous model who is smashing fashion’s warped body image
@slobbyrobbyowner of @generationcool & awesome vintage finds (all while picking his nose)
@patrickstarrr“makeup is a one size fits all”
@ladycascadesan amazing, moody vibe photographer in my beloved PNW (Pacific Northwest – Washington State)

Have a great weekend!

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